About us

We are a small, independent company that specializes in providing a variety of security services. We are especially known by very popular security tools and novel security solutions we have created.

Our solutions and services are used all over the world by variety of companies and organizations including government agencies, military, police forces, IT professionals and others.

In 2013 LEAD82 was awarded with DARPA CFT (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Cyber Fast Track) contract. In 2014 LEAD82 products was invited to Pentagon (headquarters of the United States Department of Defense) for technology demonstration to Pentagon officials and officers from other DOD agencies.


Research and development

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Development of forensic, pentesting tools and others
  • Reverse engineering (analysis of application operation without the source code)
  • Fraud and abuse detection
  • Custom exploit mitigations, systems hardening and configuration
  • Development of IT systems
  • Vulnerability and malware analysis

Penetration tests

Exemplary course of a penetration test:

  • Arrangements concerning the scope of the test.
  • Initial reconnaissance.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Attempts to use the vulnerabilities and escalation
  • Technical report with repair instructions.
  • Report consultations.
  • Final report with a summary for the executive officers.
  • Repair actions taken by the organization or the software provider.
  • Optional retest.


We provide variety of consulting services in the area of computer security.



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